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Our Services

Building your own house requires time for planning, a thorough budget and a skilled constructor who can make your plans a reality

In building a house, all parties are important

  • The client who has a plan and the finances to build the desired project
  • The architect who designs the building and thus provides a way to build it
  • The manufacturer who provides quality materials with customer-friendly prices
  • The construction firm who builds the house and guarantees the results forseen in the project
  • The owner’s supervision that monitors the project, construction works and their conformity to the project
  • The local government who issues a permit for the use of the structure proving that the building has been completed according to regulations


We have the experience to be useful to you

  • Construction of wooden and stone houses
  • Extension works for detached houses
  • Concrete works – floors, support beams, intermediate ceilings, stairs, foundations
  • Masonry works – laying Fibo, Aeroc, and Columbia blocks
  • Facade works – wooden and stone facades, natural stone, Prodema
  • Roofing works – stone roofs, metal roofs, SBS roofing
  • Laying paving stones and building fences

Why us?

  • Detailed construction budgets
  • Long-term building experience
  • Quality construction
  • We’re an acknowledged construction firm
  • Good prices and a longer guarantee